Here's why you should make the switch to solar

Why starting a solar farm is the ultimate power move

Generating a steady, reliable income from a traditional farm is not what it used to be. Natural disasters, drought, and increasing operational costs have created a range of challenges that can ultimately affect an agricultural business’s bottom line.
With climate change a looming threat to the future of both the farming and energy industries, perhaps it’s time to take advantage of our planet’s natural heating source and open your mind to the possibilities that starting a solar farm can offer. You’ll find that it’s never been a greater time to go green.

When it comes to building solar farms on agricultural land, a qualified solar contractor like Solar Farm Constructions has the skill and ability to provide a complete end-to-end solar installation.

There are also a range of leasing agreements available for solar farms, which means that you can have a solar farm installed for zero upfront capital.

For those really looking to completely optimise the land they allocate for starting a solar farm, you can speak to your contractor about construction that would provide allowable space to plant shade-tolerant crops that can be harvested by hand.

The team at Solar Farm Constructions can work closely with you to ensure the necessary height requirements for your solar panel installation are met to allow the space beneath the panels to be successfully used in a multi-purpose capacity.

No need to get hot and bothered about solar farm installation

Forget the beef, here are some solar friendly facts

The number of large-scale solar farms in Australia have been increasing incrementally in recent years. This is largely due to the ease of access to solar technology and the rising costs for purchasing electricity directly from the grid.

Agricultural farmland is considered a low-risk option when it comes to solar farms, which is why renewable energy developers are always eager to find farm owners looking to reallocate the use of some of their land. So, what’s in it for you?

For starters, solar farms require no water, or the need to pay out for expensive herbicides, pesticides, or vet bills. It also doesn’t involve early starts, late-night paddock checks or protection from wild predatory animals.

A solar farm installation can diversify your operations and provide an additional revenue stream, allowing you to downsize agricultural operations and streamline your day-to-day duties, leaving you with free time.

Starting a solar farm also means you benefit from reduced electricity costs and could potentially market the traditional farming side of your business to a sustainability-minded audience.
Starting a solar farm on your property will not only provide your residence and existing operations with a cost-saving renewable energy source, but the surplus electricity generated will also allow other Aussies access to solar power via the national grid. You’ll be opening new avenues for your business as well as making a sustainable contribution to Australia’s net zero emissions targets.

So don’t be left green with envy, get in touch with our team to find out how you can go about incorporating solar farms into your existing agricultural operation today.

A footprint that extends beyond your property boundary

If you can’t stand the heat, we’re here to help

Solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years and require very little maintenance to keep them functional and operating at workable capacities. However, if the idea of the maintenance involved in solar farms seems too technical a prospect, a reputable solar contractor team like Solar Farm Constructions is always available to take that worry off your hands.

We have decades of experience performing maintenance and repairs to solar farms and can devise a flexible maintenance plan to attend your property on a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending on your requirements.

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