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Solar farm drilling for your solar installations

If you’re installing solar equipment on your site, it's important to ensure you have access to quality rock drilling services. Luckily, the Solar Farm Constructions team specialises in pre drilling, which means nothing can stop us from completing piling installations and constructing your solar farm. You can count on us to complete rock drilling services for your site and ensure your solar farm construction continues.

Piling services

Solar Farm Constructions have piling machinery to assist with larger diameter drilling requirements for your site. 

The works can include inverter and substation foundation drilling and non solar related works such as building and transmission line foundations. 

Our low headroom drilling equipment makes mobilisation quicker & cheaper but is also capable of drilling up to 2.7m diameter holes up to 18 meters in depth. 

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Our rock drilling process

Piling commences

While piling, we identify any surface areas on the installation site that require rock drilling. This will ensure difficult surfaces don’t delay our mechanical works and proceeding contractors.

Augering or Air Hammering

Based on our experience we determine which drilling technique will be most efficient to suit suit your individual job.

Backfill and Piling

Following drilling we backfill with either stabilised sand or concrete and install the piles. 

The accuracy of our drilling machinery and operators enables efficient pile install in challenging conditions.

To remove underground rock roadblocks, you can count on our team to clear the way with rock drilling services.

Our other solar farm installation services

Our other solar farm installation services

Piling services

Our rock drilling services work in tandem with our piling services. It’s important to ensure you receive a quality pile foundation installation for your project. Our full scope solar piling service can be tailored to include pile height design, pre-drilling, stabilised sand installation, pile layout, pile installation, pile remediation, pile pull testing, and quality assurance management.

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Mechanical Solar Construction

Our experienced team is able to complete mechanical solar farm construction services, constructing the complex frames that solar panels sit on. You can count on us to construct stable framework for your solar installations, also performing the installation of individual panels.

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If you’re interested in securing our rock drilling services for your project to ensure that solar farm installation continues smoothly, reach out to our team today. You can count on us to complete solar farm drilling when you need it most. To receive an obligation free quote give us a call, or alternatively you can complete our online form and we will be in touch soon

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